Special Exhibitions

Special exhibition area | 18 April — 18 August 2024

Free space | 25 April — 3 November 2024

Exchange and discussion between science and the public take place at Forum Wissen in various exhibition formats. The special exhibitions may focus on a specific topic, offer interdisciplinary perspectives or invite visitors to engage in current debates. Unlike the core exhibition, which is interdisciplinary in nature, special exhibitions may focus on a single discipline or on a single collection. These can be integrated as interventions in the so-called open spaces of the core exhibition, take place in the separate exhibition space Freiraum or as special exhibition.

+++ Please note that our exhibition programmes for 2024 and 2025 have already been finalised. +++

The open spaces, which are scattered throughout the core exhibition, present current research and science topics from different disciplines. There is also space for artistic interventions. The open spaces complement the core exhibition by featuring current research from the university as well as from the institutes of the Göttingen Campus. They offer space for innovative ideas that have emerged for example from a student project.

The core exhibition is flanked by temporary exhibitions that repeatedly take up topics of the present and the future. They can be shown in the open space (80 square metres) or in the area for special exhibitions (350 square meters). Forum Wissen presents a space where “burning” topics are discussed and negotiated publicly on a permanent basis. The Central Custody, the Forum Wissen team, is responsible for and curates all special exhibitions. Depending on the topic, this is done in cooperation with partners from the university, from non-university institutions on the Göttingen Campus, with cultural institutions in the region or other partners.

Past Special Exhibitions:

The following exhibitions are still available as virtual exhibitions through 360° images: