As a university science museum, the Forum Wissen is more than just an exhibition center. It is a place of active research and teaching.

Forum Wissen is currently developing formats for interdisciplinary research-based teaching with objects from the Göttingen collections.

Exhibiting together with students and teaching staff is also being expanded as a method of science communication. The aim is to communicate current research to the general public.

A wonderful example of this is the collection showcase in the Forum Wissen. It is stocked by the collections of the University of Göttingen.

Photo: University of Göttingen

Research Projects

Joint Provenance Research

Human remains from colonial contexts
Provenance research in the Anthropological Collections of the University of Göttingen and MARKK Hamburg (in German)

A project sponsored by the German Lost Art Foundation

Photo: University of Göttingen

Foto: Universität Göttingen/Peter Heller

Research and teaching networks at the University of Göttingen

Referat Wissensforschung der Zentralen Kustodie
Professur Materialität des Wissens
Forschungskolleg “Wissen | Ausstellen” und sein Blog
Zertifikatsprogramm “Objektkompetenzen”