Collections Showcase

Selected objects from the collections of the University of Göttingen displayed at a glance

All objects in the huge glass cabinet at Forum Wissen come from the more than seventy collections and their almost 300 year old history at the University of Göttingen. The showcase provides interdisciplinary insights into the diversity of Göttingen’s collections – across the ages and disciplines. Scientific instruments stand right next to prepared animals, works of art enter into dialogue with plant specimens. Models and books illustrate findings from the University’s laboratories, workshops, seminar rooms and offices. QR codes are attached to all the display cases. With their smartphones, visitors can easily find out about the respective collections and objects on display.

The objects in the showcase will be exchanged over time, thus providing an incentive for visitors of Forum Wissen to also go and see the collections that are scattered all over the city. Some of them can be visited during the Sunday walks, others during the institutes’ regular opening hours or by appointment. All information is available from the collections themselves.

Transferring the objects from the most diverse depots to Forum Wissen is not only a special logistical challenge. Special care is taken by Forum Wissen staff to ensure that no insects or other conservation problems are brought in. Due to the disinfestation of objects currently taking place, some compartments will therefore not be filled until January 2023.

Photos: Martin Liebetruth