The Forum Wissen App

Use our App to explore the Forum Wissen!

After installing our app on your smartphone, you can collect objects in a virtual knowledge box while touring the Spaces of Knowledge. Discover playful applications and scientific methods. During your visit you can start your own digital collection and let it grow. At present, the app can be only used while you are in the museum building. You can borrow devices from the information desk!

Download for free!

What you can do with the ForumWissen App:

Listen to perspectives by scanning the speech bubble tags at the exhibits. You can bring your own headphones!
Listen to the sounds of the practices films by scanning the puzzle tags at the films.
Collect objects by scanning the small red knowledge box tags.
Activate method stations and use the objects there, by scanning the big red knowledge box tags by the screens.

WLAN of Knowledge – Throughout the Forum Wissen free Wifi is available for you!

Stay tuned…

We are constantly working on our app: In future, you will be able to use your collection of objects from the app even after your visit. In addtion, we are planning to offer audio theme tours in the app which will allow you to experience our core exhibition in a new way.