Mission Statement

Knowledge is being created. And it is created by people in specific contexts of time, space and society. Countless conditions – often also coincidences – contribute to the creation of knowledge. Depending on where, by whom and with what intentions knowledge is sought, it may be created in a specific form, may be subject to changes, may be expanded or it may be lost. Forum Wissen, the knowledge museum of the University of Göttingen, focuses on the process of knowledge creation.

Dr Joachim Baur (die Exponauten, Berlin) was engaged as external curator for the core exhibition. The exhibition was designed and realised by  Atelier Brückner, Stuttgart.

Forum Wissen is growing…

Over the next few years, the Biodiversity Museum and the Thomas Oppermann Cultural Forum will be moving in under the same roof. In future, visitors will be able to enter into debates about the diversity of life on the first floor. In the North wing, the Cultural Forum will provide a stage for exchange between science, culture and the public as well as for concerts and readings.