The ForumWissen App is available in your app store.

The ForumWissen App is the key to the digital content in the “Spaces of Knowledge”!

The NFC function offers the following possibilities:

  1. Listen to perspectives by scanning the speech bubble tags at exhibits. [Icon]
  2. Listen to sounds of the practices films by scanning the puzzle tags at the films [Icon]
  3. Collect objects by scanning the small red knowledge box tags [Icon]
  4. Activate method stations and use the objects there, by scanning the big red knowledge box tags by the screens [Icon]

Texts in the exhibition can be translated into Easy Language or German Sign Language (videos) by entering the text numbers in the App.

The App can be set to German or English and will deliver the audios accordingly. The method stations adopt the language setting from the App.

The ForumWissen App has been developed exclusively for use in the core exhibition “Spaces of Knowledge”. At present it does not work outside the building. We are working on functional extensions to the App: in future, you will be able to transfer your object collection from the App to the Forum Wissen website so that you can view it there and also use it after your visit. In addition, we would like to offer audio theme tours in the App in the future, which will allow you to experience our core exhibition in a new way.

   “By installing a mobile app on their smartphone, our visitors can collect objects in a virtual knowledge box on their tour through the Spaces of Knowledge and take them with them. The collected objects function as keys to different scenarios, playful applications or simulations of scientific methods at method stations distributed throughout the exhibition. Practices such as ordering and filtering, reading and taking notes, drawing and enlarging, evaluating and linking objects can be tried out. During the visit, an individual digital collection is created in this way.”

Karsten Heck (Digital Collection Management Officer, Head of the Digitisation Team at Forum Wissen)