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All Written Histories Are Wrong – Perspectives from Rajasthan, India

11. Juni, 16:00 - 17:00

Neekee Chaturvedi (Jaipur, India): All Written Histories are Wrong – Perspectives from Rajasthan, India

In her talk, Dr Neekee Chaturvedi shall present folk narratives as an important voice in history through examples from the desert region of Rajasthan. Being rulers, ‚Rajputs‘ had become the focus of the colonial exercise of history writing. However, Rajasthani culture is not only that of the former ruling elite. Therefore, Chaturvedi shall discuss underlying social patterns and some unrecorded facets of history that can only be discovered in oral narratives from Rajasthan.

This is event is part of the programme of our special exhibition „Voices “ on linguistic research in times of war.

The talk will start at 4 pm. The entry is free.

→ Forum Wissen, Vestibül, Berliner Straße 28




11. Juni
16:00 - 17:00